Frequently asked questions

Q: How often do I need to renew the EM collar?

A: It is recommended to renew it once a year.


Q: Is EM safe for my allergic dog?

A: If your dog is not allergic to Nylon (Paracord), alloy metals (charms and beads, also the side release buckles) or plastic (cord lock stoppers), you are fine.


Q: Can I use a brush for cleaning the EM collar?

A: Please do so! I have to do that every time. ;-) As long as you are not using soap or other chemicals!


Q: Is it safe to touch my dog when he is wearing the EM collar?

A: Absolutely! EM is a natural product and doesn't contain ANY chemicals or dangerous contents!


Q: Are the EM pipes getting warm?

A: No. Unless you put them into the sun. ;-)


Q: Does the EM collar have a scent?

A: No.


Q: Should my dog wear the EM collar all the time?

A: In the first 4 weeks yes, after that you could take it off at night. For best results, it is recommended to keep the EM collar on all the time during the tick season.


Q: Can my dog go swimming with the EM collar on?

A: Absolutely! Water is good for the EMs! Although do NOT leave it on your dog if he is swimming in a pool with chlorine in it! 


Q: Can cats wear EM tick collars as well?

A: They could, BUT Cats are roaming, climb trees and do other 'crazy' things, so in our opinion it would be too dangerous. We don't want them to get hurt or lose the collar all the time.


Q: Does EM work against fleas as well?

A: Some EM users say yes, some say no. In our experience we've never had fleas.


Q: Can I put the dog collar and leash into the washer?

A: Yes, but please wash in a laundry bag or a pillow case and only at cold or warm cycle. Do NOT put the collar or leash into the dryer! Let it dry either in the sun or on a towel in an aerated spot.

That does not apply tho the EM tick collars!