EM tick collar classic
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Natural EM™ tick collars for dogs classic (adjustable)

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You can choose up to 3 colours from our regular Paracord colour palette. One alloy bead or charm for the center of the EM™ collar will be included in the price. As a clasp, you can chose from two options (scroll down for pictures):

  1. cord lock stopper. The ends of the toggles include two cute paw beads.

  2. The sliding knot let's you adjust the collar to whatever size your pup might need over the upcoming growing time, without having dangling temptations in front of them. 😉
    I will leave it up to you if you want to put a stop knot at the end of the adjustment strand or not.
    The outstanding strand can be wrapped around the collar and fid through the braid to get it out of the way. The slider knot does NOT have paw beads at the end!

IMPORTANT! If you are concerned about the beads at the end of the toggles getting stuck somewhere (like a crate or a deck etc), feel free to open up one knot and remove the bead. That way your pup would lose the EM collar collar completely in an emergency situation!

Before ordering please follow the instructions in our "how to measure..." section. Click here:


Keep ticks off your dog the natural way! Effective Microorganisms are trapped in special clay pipes and are braided into our colourful dog necklaces. The resonance, these Microorganisms create, stimulates the dogs body in a natural way and creates an environment ticks don't like and they are less likely to latch on. We are using natural EM™ tick collars for almost 4 years already and couldn't be happier with the results. So are very many of our returning customers. 

It is recommended to renew the EM collar every year.

Please keep in mind EM™ does not work for every dog equally. There is no 100% guarantee EM™ collars (nor any other product, natural or chemical)  will keep ticks off of our furry friends. The best prevention is to try and avoid known tick areas and check your dog and yourself closely after every nature walk! It can take up to 4 weeks until the EMs are doing their job! Please follow the Care instructions to get the best results.

NOTE: The EM tick collar is only an addition to your regular collar! Please do not attach a leash to it!

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EM tick collar classic
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