Frequently asked questions

Q: How often do I need to renew the EM collar?

A: It is recommended to renew it once a year.

Q: Can I use other tick prevention in addition to the EM collar?

A: You absolutely can! EM is not interfering with anything. Just make sure you keep the EM ceramic pipes Oil/Fat free at all times!

Q: Can my puppy already wear an EM collar?

A: Yes. There is no age limit.

 Q: Does EM work against fleas as well?

A: Some EM users say yes, some say no. In our own experience - we've never had fleas.

Q: Does the EM collar repel Mosquitoes?

A: Unfortunately, NO.

Q: Is EM safe for my allergic dog?

A: If your dog is not allergic to Nylon (Paracord), alloy metals (charms and beads, also the side release buckles) or plastic (cord lock stoppers), you are fine.


Q: Can I use a brush for cleaning the EM collar?

A: Please do so! I have to do that every time. ;-) As long as you are not using soap or other chemicals!


Q: Is it safe to touch my dog when he is wearing the EM collar?

A: Absolutely! EM is a natural product and doesn't contain ANY chemicals or dangerous contents!


Q: Are the EM pipes getting warm?

A: No. Unless you put them into the sun. ;-)


Q: Does the EM collar have a scent?

A: No.

 Q: What if my dog is playing ruff?

A: You know your dog best. You can take the EM collar off for playtime. It will be no problem if he is not wearing it for an hour a day.

Q: Should my dog wear the EM collar all the time?

A: In the first 4 weeks yes, after that you could take it off at night. For best results, it is recommended to keep the EM collar on all the time during the tick season.


Q: Can my dog go swimming with the EM collar on?

A: Absolutely! Water is good for the EMs! No chemically treated pool water though!