Ingrid with Bert

“Our cat’s 1st collar. The dogs always get these and they work great!”

Samantha with Connor

“We are so excited to order your product for us and Connor again this year. We loved the results for all of us. Keep up the amazing work…”

Barbara with Meadow

“I bought one of these EM collars last year when Meadow was still a puppy—it lasted her throughout the summer and kepther tick free! Thank you!”

Marie-Lise with Ziggy and Lola

“Love your collars. Great work. I recommend to all my friends in Ottawa to make the switch…”

Christine with Bonez

“Love your tick collars-3rd year buying. They are working for my furbabe. And I am loving thefact that I don’t have to give her tick meds from the Vet…”

Linda with Rylan

“I bought the EMcollar last year and never saw a tick onmydog. I am nottaking any chances this year. Thank you. Last year’s collar is still in perfect shape, that is how to tell quality merchandise!”

Ingrid with Sidney and Kasey

“This is our 3rd year we’ve ordered from you and I swear by these collars.” (EM collars)


"I can't use the prescription pesticide drops or collars, they cause neurological problems for me. My body can't clear the toxins. Mom heard about the EM tick collars here on IG ..... Since I've been wearing the EM collar (3 yrs) I haven't had one tick. I used to get ticks all the time...."

Stephanie A.

"I work holistically with dogs, I have been very pleased with adding the EM's to not only my own dogs natural protocol but to my clients as well. The customer service, quality and colours are all fantastic."

Gabriel with Moose, BC

"Great product. Our friends gave us one and Moose lost it in the woods fouling around. He is a tick magnet and so far, none since using your EM Collars."

Allison, working with The Potcake rescue in Turks and Caicos a few times a year 

"Uta! Your EM bracelets are magic! Today we rescued a dog off the street in Turks & Caicos who was full of ticks. It took us 2 hours to clean him up. There was a third woman helping us and she kept finding ticks crawling on her but Julie and I had our bracelets on and not ONE Tick found on us! Amazing!"

Allison with Willy- Hamilton, Ontario

"I haven't seen a tick in 2 weeks now since he first started wearing it I was very surprised that it would be working so soon. I'm telling everyone about it!..."

Janet with Ginny and Jericho-Kitchener, Ontario

"no ticks as of yet! :-) And I tell people about the collars because I think they are awesome!..."

Julie with Gemma - Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

"The Niagara Region is literally crawling with ticks and they were jumping onto my dog and myself at an alarming rate. After getting an EM Collar for my dog and a necklace for myself, we have nearly eliminated all contact with the nasty critters."

Alex with Emma-Toronto, Ontario

"True confession – I’m a skeptic. So when Uta told me about these EM collars I wasn’t convinced, but since I’d done a lot of reading about ticks and the dangers of Lyme Disease, figured it was worth a try. Within a few months of getting the collar, Toronto erupted in an epidemic of ticks.  My big Lab Emma and I walk in areas with long grass and thick bushes – exactly the kind of terrain ticks love. I don’t know exactly how these collars work, but they do – I’ve yet to find a tick on Emma!

Leash and regular collar 'Ornate'

Emma received one of Uta’s early collar and leash creations. They were so pretty I was afraid to use them! But once I did, I discovered how incredibly strong the leash is – and both items wash very easily!"

Maureen with Brynn - Oshawa, Ontario (dog collar 'Ornate')

"Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVE this collar and keychain! Your attention to detail is amazing!

Danielle with Zoey - Courtice, Ontario (dog collar 'classic')

"We got the collar!! It is so beautiful! The quality is unbelievable! You have a customer for life!"

Eleanor with Panzer - Toronto, Ontario

"We lost Panzers tick collar a while ago and do you know we have pulled 2 ticks off her neck in the last 2 weeks? Got to get another one please..."

Barb with Tucker - Ontario

"I fully believe in the EM Tick collar you make. Last summer I found a tick on the did not attach itself to the dog who was wearing his collar! It was heading my way!"

Tara with Willow and Ruari - Alberta (EM collars, leashes, 'MINI Ornate' collar)

"Thanks for the top quality products - we are so glad that we discovered you!"

Carl with Kéo - (EM tick collar)

"He is always in the field at the farm- it helps allot for ticks."

Judy and Brian with Ima and Isak - Minnesota (EM tick collars)

"Thank you (again ans again) for the collars for Isak and Ima. They are working very well for both of them."

Candice with Batman, Robin, Philly, Bobbi and Rosie - Nova Scotia (all sorts of collars)

"Incredible collars! I am 150% pleased with the quality and colours! You have a forever customer here!!!"

Sherry S.

"We purchased 3 em tick collars in the spring. My 3 fur babies have been wearing them everyday . And so far the only tick we have seen is 1 crawling off of our Labradoodle who is always in the bush looking for squirrels ! They will be wearing them till the end of November as last year we found 1 on you guessed it the Labradoodle ! We live in Northwestern Ontario in the country and have deer in our yard daily"

Danielle M.

TCDH has great quality products! I love the EM tick collar we got from them last spring. It held up with all my pups adventures, and never found a tick on him.

Tami K.

I love all the collars and leashes we have gotten for my babies. Love love the tic collars for both my dogs and myself that I have bought. Uta has been very helpful and always had everything ready and delivered to me so quickly.

Wendi W.

 "Your collars are so beautifully handcrafted and I love the fact that you can custom order whatever colour, pattern, and embellishments you want. Our boy always looked so stunning in his and it got many complements. I also love my cherished memory necklace that I can always have my big boy close to my heart even though he is no longer with us. There is so much love evident in your workmanship."

Joanne B.

I love the crazy dog house because they made me discover the amazing EM collar which works extremely well and looks good too. If I remember correctly, we ordered 13 collars last year and will order again this year. I've been talking to everyone about you this last year. You do beautiful work.

Stephanie Ph.

" What's not to love, your EM collars not only helped my boy (comprised immune system) be protected against ticks naturally, also saved me a ridiculous amount of money of tick treatment lol. The quality and talent of your designs are amazing."

Allyson with Hudson

"I just received our EM Tick collar in the mail yesterday and I am very pleased. This is our second EM Tick collar we purchased from Uta as we get a new one every year. Each of her products are made to order with the colours and charms that you choose. From the quality, speedy shipping and personalized note from Uta herself her business is top notch. I wish her nothing but success in the future with her business!"

Wendi with Spudnik

"I love everything there is about this company. The service and turn around times are short. The quality and workmanship that go into these collars and leashes are truely works of art. I love that you can choose your collars, patterns and embellishments. I love that the EM tick collars are all natural and have worked our dog in the past. I can't wait to order again soon !"

Paula O.

"Absolutely amazing!! One of the best in customer service by far! Uta goes above and to ensure you are happy with your product. She does mock ups, will combine colours, give you opinion and ensure that you get the right style of collar for your dog. I am a repeat customer and I can honestly say I will be back again. The colour possibilities are endless. The collar styles are beautiful and unique. And best of all - the product is fabulous. Plenty of attention to detail and quality is phenomenal. You can't go wrong here!"

Rebecca L.

"Love the EM collar. Has worked great so far. Easy ordering and great selection of colours. Can't wait to place our regular collar order. 10 thumbs up."

Sara N.

"Absolutely love The Crazy Dog House! Easy to order, quick response and attention to detail is why I'll be a customer for life. Uta began making my pups collar and sent me a quick picture to make sure we loved it before she went any further. We get a lot of compliments on her pretty necklace and I highly recommend my friends and family to order their custom collar. Thank you again, Uta!"

Jenn W.

"Our pup's EM collar is amazing. Uta really goes above and beyond to ensure that her customers are satisfied ! My girls picked out the colours for the collar and Uta made them matching bracelets! They still wear them every day! Such great quality collars and you can tell that they are made with such care and compassion. Thank you !!!"


"Our pup's EM collar is amazing. Uta really goes above and beyond to ensure that her customers are satisfied ! My girls picked out the colours for the collar and Uta made them matching bracelets! They still wear them every day! Such great quality collars and you can tell that they are made with such care and compassion. Thank you !!!"


Danielle with Kayden

"I bought an EM collar last May, and I didnt find a tick on my dog all summer long! It was very well made and lasted through all of Kayden's adventures. I will definitely be getting a new one for this summer!"

Tara A.

"Absolutely so impressed with everything we have ordered for our dogs. Always get compliments on their leashes and they are by far the most comfortable on the hand when the dogs get a little over excited and pull. Also appreciate that the EM tick collars are a natural and much safer way to deter ticks!"

Candice W.

"All 3 of my dogs received beautiful, we'll crafted collars from this lovely woman! She is super responsive to questions! Customer service was incredible and quality of the collars was incredible! We will be repeat customers 100%!"

Deb M.

"Best collars ever. Love all the color combos, and designs!!! Always get compliments when the pups are out and about."


"Gorgeous local handmade natural pieces of art! Service is beyond excellent! Thank you The Crazy Dog House!!!"